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The Child is crying

Now it is often said that to meet the immediate needs of the child need without delay. However, in the beginning when you still don’t know my kid, you can be difficult to decide if he cries from hunger or fatigue. Many children before bedtime are turbulent. Of course, the baby won’t fall asleep, if you’re constantly around him fuss, figuring out what is going on, why he was crying.

Gradually the child learns that crying is a signal to adults that helps you get the help and food. Later the crying is not the same, takes on different colors and shades. The baby cries more than consciously and demanding. But how to understand what they need in a particular case? Maybe the answer to this question you have already received from a doctor or child health nurse. If not, we’ll give you some tips.

If the baby is hungry.

Usually the sensation of hunger the child reports a sudden scream. Sometimes it increases to a frantic scream crying. However, his body pounding and the child holds out a pen in front of him. Often face becomes completely red.

About what you need to do in this case, you already know: while the circadian rhythm of the child has not acquired regularity, feed him immediately; in the future, the need for food is not necessarily must be addressed without delay. Playing with your baby, you could move the feeding time.

If the child has a bloated tummy.

For the most part the child will emit a short cries, between which are more or less long breaks. Cries sometimes very poignant. While newborn Breguet legs, he has a tightly closed eye, brow furrowed, and her tummy hard and slightly increased in size.

What help him to provide? Lightly stroking his hand gently massage into baby’s tummy,this massage is a light stroking of the abdomen of the child in a circular motion in the clockwise direction, work his legs (bend them, pressing his knees to the stomach), change several times the position of the body (put on the tummy), can be applied to the tummy warm heating pad.

If that doesn’t help, give him a tea spoon of the warm broth pharmacy chamomile, dill water or other teas. If that doesn’t work and tea, you need to enlist the help of a special rectal tubes. Such tubes smooth rounded end and some side Windows. Before use, the tube should be boiled, then lubricate the tip with vaseline or paraffin oil, and enter (without effort) the kid in the anus. Typically, this procedure helps: after a minute or two gases depart, sometimes together with feces, the child calms down, his abdomen is soft to the touch.

If you have nothing and a pipe, immediately call your doctor. Do not hesitate to call the doctor to their child. Better to err on this side, i.e., to invoke once again the pediatrician, rather than thoughtlessly rely on chance.

If your child is cold.

From cold the child suffers most in the first 3 months of life, even when some children are not able to properly regulate their body temperature. Usually feeling cold child expresses a sudden piercing cry, which gradually becomes quiet and continued whimpering. A reliable indicator of the sensation of cold is hiccups. For the most part the child is severely moves arms and legs.

What should you do? You need to immediately check your diaper and install — do not wet the baby. If the diaper is wet, you’ll replace them dry. Cot need to move up to the Central heater or stove. The child has a good cover.

If the child has overheated.

If the baby is too hot, it starts to whine something stronger, then weaker. However, he is restless, throws arms and legs; fingers crossed it compressed. If the child is severely overheated and literally “burn” that appear on the body red bumps, and sometimes even bubbles.

How to assist the child? The slight overheating need to lower the temperature in the room to ventilate the room, turn on the heating, put the crib in a cool place, away from heating appliances or in the shade, etc.).

In severe overheating, undress the child, gently wipe the body of the diaper, soaked in lukewarm water, and then dress your baby in lightweight linen.

Overheating for the most part can happen in the first 3 months of life, yet the child is not able perfectly to regulate their body temperature.

If the child has a wet diaper.

If the baby is wet, it sometimes informs a whimper. Usually a whimper then increases, it becomes weaker but does not stop. A clear sign of wet diapers, and hence the cooling sensation is a hiccup.

What to help? Change diaper, after which the child ceases to hiccup and after a few minutes will Shine again, full of satisfaction.

If the baby tightly swaddled sludge presses him some part of clothing.

The child begins to whine. If the cause of displeasure quickly fixed, whimpering protester enters the Creek. If he does not help, then the cry goes into quiet weeping. From the very beginning the child restlessly throwing his arms and legs and tries to change the position of the body. Cams are usually compressed.

What help him to provide? The child should repelent and see no pressure if he needs anything. It may be a button, ribbon, etc. Next you need to look at, not so tight he’s swaddled. Please, don’t shake him pants.

If the child is bored.

In the first months of life, when the child is unable himself to move and he knows how to have fun, it gets boring sometimes. Their dissatisfaction on this occasion he expresses is usually a whiny whine. With the 4th of the month when he is bored, he shouts “at full throat,” but from the tumultuous cry suddenly becomes silent cry, and again after a minute “complains”. In short, he tries all the possibilities of his vocal repertoire.

What you should do? Try child to entertain, hang in the crib any movable toy or turn the crib so the baby had the opportunity to observe birds on a tree, the mother working in the kitchen, etc.). When the child was a little older, he can invest in the toy and show how it can play. Or caress him.

If a child is sick.

It is important to recognize, not whether the child is sick. Sick baby in most cases, crying quietly. Sometimes it makes quiet sounds, something between a whine, squeak, cry, breathing is slightly accelerated, and sometimes difficult. Body is relaxed. Sometimes the child listlessly throwing pens and kicks legs.

What help him to provide? Immediately measure the temperature and to invite the doctor. Even in cases where you are unsure whether the child is sick, do not hesitate to call the pediatrician.

And another important point. If your baby cries for long periods of time, it means that either he physically feels bad or he continuously negative emotions arise. And this, of course, not indifferent to the organism. Conclusion: the cause of constant crying need to try to figure out and fix.