Continue to communicate with the child.
Author's Preface This book is about the communication of adults with children and to some…

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How to adopt a child
Here is about the monologue, full of despair, I heard recently from my client: outwardly…

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Continue to communicate with the child.
Author's Preface This book is about the communication of adults with children and to some…

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Summer activities for kids in summer vacation

Every year children look forward to summer, when you don’t have to think about school, lessons, homework. Ahead of three months of vacation! At this time, parents try to take their child out of town. For example, to send to sea, her grandmother in the village, a rustic camp.

Then summer will be filled with hilarious fun and important kids do: swimming, Biking, fishing, dismantling the old grandfather’s motorcycle, Hiking in the woods for berries and mushrooms. We are not always able to take the child on vacation. And then in front of parents face the question – How should children spend the summer in the city?

After all, if mom and dad are at work all day, he left on his own from morning till evening. Then the joy of summer vacations can be replaced by sadness, boredom. High school students can still find work for the summer. But what about those who are younger is a concern for parents. Because their own child is not able to plan their stay.

So he, most likely, all day to sit at the TV or computer.

Something to occupy the kids this summer?

So moms and dads better now to think about how to organize his summer vacation to spend the holidays in the city is active, fun, interesting, useful. Maybe you can help these tips:

– Ask the child what he wanted to do, talk about his Hobbies. This will help you choose some Hobbies or sports section. Then a few hours a day it will be something you love – playing in Amateur theater, build a model airplane or Cycling.

– Try to arrange his vacation so as to alternate active and passive recreation. For example, the first week of the holidays, let your child just relax, stay at home, so it will be easy to get used to the new regime. The same week adaptation provide it before the beginning of the school year.

Now in almost every city in schools, houses of creativity, athletic organizations, there are day camps. Of course, the recreation program there is not too diverse – cinema, museums, parks. But it will be together with other children, fed, looked after. Another advantage of such camps – low price. Just take care of it in advance.

– It is important to decide how to make the stay harmonious for emotional and physical condition of the child. For example, if he goes to school with profound study of foreign languages or mathematical grammar school, he has a whole year to work with a large amount of information.

While actively loaded left hemisphere of the brain. So, during the holidays you need to activate the right hemisphere is responsible for the emotional state. So give him the opportunity to communicate more with their peers, to visit sections to go with friends on hikes, play soccer.

– In the summer if you are working, give the children the weekend. For example, go on Sundays in the Park. Urban parks offer lots of fun for summer camps for children of all ages. Kids can ride on the children’s carousel, the swings. Can be with him to ride a horse, etc. For Teens there are more serious rides.

– Find out where is the entertainment center, usually they are in every city and every year their number is increasing. There he will be able to have fun, to have fun, while mom rested. These centers offer a variety of games, socializing with other kids, tasty treats.

– The output can take the whole family for a picnic. If there is a river, lake or city beach – will be quite good. Bring your ball, badminton, play outdoor games. Well if you are friends with their children. Believe me, everyone will find something to do. Such outings are very useful for physical and emotional health of the child.

– If the city has a zoo, be sure to visit it. The kids love watching the animals, how they live, how they are fed. Such campaigns can be very informative, will give you a lot of positive emotions.

– Don’t forget about the cultural holiday. You can reduce a child in the movie (during the holidays they offer special children’s programs), be sure to visit the theatre. And after watching the film, or presentation will discuss with him the content, let’s talk about the characters and their relationships. This will bring you closer together emotionally, will help you better understand your son or daughter.

– Visit a Museum, visit an exhibition. This way you accustom your child to the art, will show the diversity of the surrounding world. Besides, along time, which is usually not enough during the year.

To stay successful, nothing marred, take a few tips:

– Hiking, cultural events make in a warm, Sunny day. When the weather is bad, it is raining, it is unlikely you will have a good rest in the Park. In this day you can go to the movies.

– It is better to go on walks around the city before lunch, in the morning. At this time of the day children are more energetic and active. Thus don’t forget to bring hats, mosquito repellent, drinking water and some sandwiches. In hot weather it is better not to buy food, and to take with you. The exception is ice cream.

As you can see, in the city and on vacation is what to do, it would wish. Most importantly, more often spend time together, take the child with him, walk with him, talk, talk. Surely, you will learn new things about him. This will help you become emotionally closer, you will better understand each other.