What to do if a child steals?
Five main causes of child stealing 1. Lack of attention from parents. Under-loved children try…

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Parents and divorce: how to behave after a divorce.
The divorce process is over. Financial problems are solved, begins a new daily life. Each…

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Healthy sleep of a child.
It is well known that during sleep the children grow, the sick get well and…

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First lessons appliques for kids.

Often when the word “applique” parents appear to be major

have a preschooler, dunking the brush in the glue and carefully attaching

the various elements of colored paper on an album leaf. Many

parents do not even realize that the lessons applique with children can

to start at the age of 1 year.

What is applique? Translated from the Latin “applique” means

attachment. The meaning of application – overlaying and gluing images on the background. Applique originated a very long time, long before our existence. As a material for application use paper, fabrics of different textures, thread, natural materials.

Classes applique develops your child’s pen, strengthen

fingers, introduce baby to new textures and properties of objects.

From what age you can start to familiarize children with this technique?

This is possible since the year! This does not mean that we must now

to seat one year old baby difficult to glue the applique. Classes, of course

the same is done with regard to his age features and

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The interior of the nursery

The creation of the interior a child’s room requires special attention of the designer, creating a project plan and finishes. whether it’s a boy’s room or an interior room girls.

The owners definitely should discuss with the designer the tastes and habits of small tenants, to take account of their interests in the process of creating a kids room design. Because this room was to please them every day, to be convenient for playing games and safe.

A crucial role is played by the environment of the home, the convenience of places to sleep and procedures and with the children growing up the emphasis of the design of children’s rooms is steadily moving in the direction of increasing working areas for study and Hobbies.

In this article:

The interior of the nursery is a special design and content

Baby is always a separate area .

If it’s a room, it should be almost the biggest in the apartment, because children need a lot of space – this allows you to place in a baby everything you need: a sports complex, a small round table with chairs, and in consequence, Desk, bed, shelves, wardrobe, and possibly a sofa, and even a musical instrument. And, of course, a place to play.

If it’s a house, children’s better to take a separate area that can accommodate a bedroom, playroom and children’s bathroom.

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The Influence of conflict on the child

It would seem, what could be better family for the child, because the family is instititute who invests in the child’s ability to communicate, interact, gives fully develop the child’s personality.

But such a development, the child receives only when the family is the role model for a child when in a family there is a mutual understanding and respect, love and patience.

When communication is broken, then that University is the strongest tool to destroy the personality of this child, violating all the laws of proper communication and interaction between people. And the child, instead of development and improvement, receives the destruction and degradation of the individual.

The impact of conflict on child

The article “the Role of family in child development” we looked at the importance of family in child development and how it is affected by the absence of one parent.

Of course, it affects badly on the child but if the child observes the frequent scandals in the family, in which parents are insulting each other, humiliate, if there is physical abuse, then it does not lead to violation of personality, as in the case of absence of a parent, and lead to its collapse.

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