Tantrum the child is 2-3 years. What to do? How to react?
The child has a tantrum and another surge of anger. No signs of stopping, and…

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The interior of the nursery
The creation of the interior a child's room requires special attention of the designer, creating…

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Healthy sleep of a child.
It is well known that during sleep the children grow, the sick get well and…

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Activities and games for kids from one year old to two years

For mom and her baby age from one year old to two years the most difficult. Rattles the child not attracted to, and games to soldiers or to view the cartoons he has not grown. In addition, the baby begins to move independently, all touch, all pulled. And my mom has a problem, than to take a kid to manage his Affairs.

Actually for employee’s kids, there are many exciting activities and entertainment. You can start with such simple, as painting, applique, modeling.

Drawing develops motor skills and forms of color perception. Materials for this lesson, the apartment is always there, it’s and old Wallpaper, sheets of paper, drawing paper, and even tile. Mommy after this lesson, the kid just need to get up, to wash the walls and the baby.

The application can be used as paper, cotton, peas, pasta, cereals and other materials. You should start with simple patterns, a feasible child. Mom performs more complex fragments, and the baby is doing post-installation steps. For example, in documenting the landscape, areas of the sky glue misses Mama, and the baby remains to glue the clouds of cotton wool. And painted the cat toddler can glue Continue reading

How to raise our children?

How to educate children so that they do not have an inferiority complex and a constant feeling of guilt? How to educate children and not to alienate them from themselves, and to stay and support, and friends and wise mentors? How to educate preschool children, to give them experience and knowledge, but to be able to respect them, to see them in full, although it is still small, but the PERSON?

No one said raising children is easy. But often we are raising children, “extreme”. A child is the hardest thing not even the fact that parents slapped his ass, or lost his temper and scolded. The hardest thing for the child that he does not always understand the actions of adults. And also the fact that in those moments when we are adult, are wrong, we still continue to persist in your opinion, don’t apologize, don’t apologize and don’t explain why behave this way and not otherwise.

Raising a child, explain to him everything, every step, every action towards him. Why did you do so? Why not let him? Why require it? To coming into adulthood, he immediately began to live according to their interests, and were not engaged in raking systems and the realization of why parents doing so and not otherwise.

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The Influence of conflict on the child

It would seem, what could be better family for the child, because the family is instititute who invests in the child’s ability to communicate, interact, gives fully develop the child’s personality.

But such a development, the child receives only when the family is the role model for a child when in a family there is a mutual understanding and respect, love and patience.

When communication is broken, then that University is the strongest tool to destroy the personality of this child, violating all the laws of proper communication and interaction between people. And the child, instead of development and improvement, receives the destruction and degradation of the individual.

The impact of conflict on child

The article “the Role of family in child development” we looked at the importance of family in child development and how it is affected by the absence of one parent.

Of course, it affects badly on the child but if the child observes the frequent scandals in the family, in which parents are insulting each other, humiliate, if there is physical abuse, then it does not lead to violation of personality, as in the case of absence of a parent, and lead to its collapse.

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