What to do if a child steals?
Five main causes of child stealing 1. Lack of attention from parents. Under-loved children try…

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Tantrum the child is 2-3 years. What to do? How to react?
The child has a tantrum and another surge of anger. No signs of stopping, and…

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Children with adults
Children's world is much different from the world of adults. Despite the fact that they…

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Parents and divorce: how to behave after a divorce.

The divorce process is over. Financial problems are solved, begins a new daily life. Each parent now has the right to their privacy. Some people condone divorce quickly, others get used to the new position over a long period of time. An adult, of course, finally, it will survive and will pilestredet.

What happens to the child? From an early age, he grew up surrounded by relatives, primarily grandparents, relatives and friends of father and mother. Now this circle of people, these connections can be broken.

There is a perception that the relationship between the former spouses and their relatives must be interrupted forever, the child and the parent could Kok possible to break with the past. This solution is very controversial. The causes and reasons for feuding relatives, may be different. Often a daughter-in-law doesn’t get along with my husband’s parents. Sometimes antipathy to him there before the divorce. It is possible that it appeared reasonable. Sometimes this discontent is brewing during the disintegration of the family. The same can be said about mothers-in-law, who for some reason disliked his son-in-law, Continue reading

Teaching children music according to the method of Dr. Suzuki

Musicality is not an inborn talent but an ability that, like any other ability, can be developed. Any child can become a musical is no more difficult than learning to speak their native language.

Dr. Suzuki has argued that the child should be taught music from a very early age. And not just music. And playing a musical instrument. This theory has caused much debate and quarrels, but Shinichi Suzuki proved right on his personal experience. After a few years of its fruitful practice, he created a small ensemble of violins, which was attended by twenty or more child aged 4-5 years.

Methods Maestro Suzuki had three major provisions. In the first place. He initially believed in the musical abilities of any person. He never divided people into musical and non-musical. Most importantly, his task he set to instill a love for the instrument and music. Secondly, the teacher must love children. Children are very keen sense of relationship to oneself and to deceive them. And indifferent man there’s nothing you can teach a child. Third position to relate to parents. Without their help there is not enough. Parents should take an active part in the child’s education is to get him to school, to train at home and often even to learn this instrument to understand the subtleties of the technique.

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How to raise our children?

How to educate children so that they do not have an inferiority complex and a constant feeling of guilt? How to educate children and not to alienate them from themselves, and to stay and support, and friends and wise mentors? How to educate preschool children, to give them experience and knowledge, but to be able to respect them, to see them in full, although it is still small, but the PERSON?

No one said raising children is easy. But often we are raising children, “extreme”. A child is the hardest thing not even the fact that parents slapped his ass, or lost his temper and scolded. The hardest thing for the child that he does not always understand the actions of adults. And also the fact that in those moments when we are adult, are wrong, we still continue to persist in your opinion, don’t apologize, don’t apologize and don’t explain why behave this way and not otherwise.

Raising a child, explain to him everything, every step, every action towards him. Why did you do so? Why not let him? Why require it? To coming into adulthood, he immediately began to live according to their interests, and were not engaged in raking systems and the realization of why parents doing so and not otherwise.

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