The Education of children in the family: characteristics and styles of family education
The education of children in the family received much attention, both in publications and in…

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The Influence of conflict on the child
It would seem, what could be better family for the child, because the family is…

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The interior of the nursery
The creation of the interior a child's room requires special attention of the designer, creating…

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Independence preschool children

How to raise the autonomy of the child: a Handbook for parents of preschoolers

Good afternoon dear readers and visitors of the site “Family and childhood”. The autonomy of the child is the main character trait that promotes rapid adaptation in any life conditions. Independent children have good education and skills to “adult” life.

Unfortunately, many parents believe that the development of independence in children always strikes the face of danger. How can you instill this skill, if the “threshold” at home, the child is constantly exposed to risky situations? Easily, most importantly, competent to follow the instructions!

A dip in our childhood, you may recall that almost all less hypochondriac moms, dads, grandparents safely allow their children to pre-school age to walk in the yard without an adult. And sometimes even sent bread to the nearest store.

With this attitude to education, the children knew the limits of freedom and responsibility for their actions. Of course, the time was not as hostile as it is now, when the development of self-reliance have to use all new ways.

At the beginning of this “journey” the most important thing for parents is to understand that the autonomy of the child is always Continue reading

Parents and divorce: how to behave after a divorce.

The divorce process is over. Financial problems are solved, begins a new daily life. Each parent now has the right to their privacy. Some people condone divorce quickly, others get used to the new position over a long period of time. An adult, of course, finally, it will survive and will pilestredet.

What happens to the child? From an early age, he grew up surrounded by relatives, primarily grandparents, relatives and friends of father and mother. Now this circle of people, these connections can be broken.

There is a perception that the relationship between the former spouses and their relatives must be interrupted forever, the child and the parent could Kok possible to break with the past. This solution is very controversial. The causes and reasons for feuding relatives, may be different. Often a daughter-in-law doesn’t get along with my husband’s parents. Sometimes antipathy to him there before the divorce. It is possible that it appeared reasonable. Sometimes this discontent is brewing during the disintegration of the family. The same can be said about mothers-in-law, who for some reason disliked his son-in-law, Continue reading

Practical tips for parents

Tip 1

Tune in to education; take for new school course as a further means of moral development of your child; you are the main child carer.

The purpose of the new course was aimed at creation of conditions for spiritual and moral development of the student. Student education in the school will be carried out in lessons (by means of educational content, through the dialogues of teacher and student, students with each other), creative activities (preparing learners for the final creative tasks), in extracurricular activities (the celebration on the eve of national unity Day). In lessons teachers will talk to the child about morality, but if the parents do not show interest in these issues, do not define for the child the parent’s moral position, all taught in school will not have for him a special significance.

New, moral-oriented course opens to parents, other adults additional opportunities for strengthening and development of relations with the child. In younger adolescence, when the child first in an adult begins to look at the world around us and to appreciate our place in it, he is especially in need of spiritual connection with adults, native to it by the individual.

The basic meaning of confidential communication of adolescents with adults in receipt of certain information. The main thing is to find understanding, sympathy, help Continue reading

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