Children and divorce of parents.
let's Start with the fact that divorce is the loss of the relationship. Great stress…

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Activities and games for kids from one year old to two years
For mom and her baby age from one year old to two years the most…

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Tips for parents when placing a child in day care or school
When making the clinic medical records for admission to kindergarten of a child whose vaccination…

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Practical tips for parents

Tip 1

Tune in to education; take for new school course as a further means of moral development of your child; you are the main child carer.

The purpose of the new course was aimed at creation of conditions for spiritual and moral development of the student. Student education in the school will be carried out in lessons (by means of educational content, through the dialogues of teacher and student, students with each other), creative activities (preparing learners for the final creative tasks), in extracurricular activities (the celebration on the eve of national unity Day). In lessons teachers will talk to the child about morality, but if the parents do not show interest in these issues, do not define for the child the parent’s moral position, all taught in school will not have for him a special significance.

New, moral-oriented course opens to parents, other adults additional opportunities for strengthening and development of relations with the child. In younger adolescence, when the child first in an adult begins to look at the world around us and to appreciate our place in it, he is especially in need of spiritual connection with adults, native to it by the individual.

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Children and divorce of parents.

let’s Start with the fact that divorce is the loss of the relationship. Great stress have both the divorcing couple and their children.

All the parents in the divorce process are different.

No matter how the divorce went down, “gently” or “violently” suffer the children, but in a different way of showing it. It depends on the age of the child and the degree of closeness to parents.

Very difficult to carry the children situation, when parents begin to sort things out in court with whom the child will live. If it’s a few children, parents often begin to divide children between themselves as things. Father and mother don’t want to understand that children are one.

To soothe my conscience, children ask: “who are they more like your father or your mother?” But the child loves and mom and dad very much, for him they are the closest people, the closest people. It support, it support, that’s life. Separation from one parent, this separation of parts of the soul. It is a deep psychological trauma for life. A child torn between two parents. He wants his loved mom and dad. At such statement of a question whom he loves, who wants to live for him is insufferable anguish. In this approach, the child loses life balance, internal balance, Continue reading

Continue to communicate with the child.

Author’s Preface This book is about the communication of adults with children and to some extent adults among themselves. It continues and deepens the theme of my previous book “to Communicate with the child. How?”

Judging by the reader reviews, the first book was useful. Many people told me about the positive changes in their lives that occurred after reading it. In meetings with very different people – they were parents and children, couples and singles, students and business people – we discussed the difficult issues of parenting, communication problems, difficult situations. So have accumulated a living material, which was included in the new book.

In addition to living stories, the book uses the ideas of outstanding professional psychologists, educators, philosophers and thinkers. Another priceless steel material vivid descriptions of emotions in works of fiction, memoirs, biographies and autobiografia. It is only through real stories, personal experience and practice, you can reach a deep understanding of what was trying and trying to give us outstanding humanist scholars and practitioners who have chosen as their profession to help people in the education of children and the development of the self. Therefore, every “theoretical” is the word I’m trying to illustrate the ‘practical’ history and, conversely, Continue reading