Children and divorce of parents.
let's Start with the fact that divorce is the loss of the relationship. Great stress…

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Children after parents divorce
Divorce — severe psychological experience for all members of the former family. Of course, the…

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How to teach your baby to sleep in the crib
In recent years, more parents realizing the benefits of co sleeping with baby, put baby…

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Why the child is crying

Only you moved away from the baby that for a while to do them, the backlog of household chores, how out of the nursery again heard a whimper. You already know that soon it will grow into a weeping, and then the child will sidesa in the Creek. What to do, how to respond to the desperate call of the crumbs?

Our grandmothers and great-grandmothers belonged to infant crying philosophically enough, considering that during crying child “develops lungs,” and therefore, will cry and stop. However, there is currently more popular view that crying is a request by a child for help, the message that it had encountered problems that need as quickly as possible to solve. Parents should not be afraid to spoil the child, responding to his every cry. According to child psychologists, to spoil a baby under one year is impossible. At the age of one year, you can either build the baby’s confidence in the safety and reliability of the new environment and surroundings, either to destroy that confidence. Attentive mother, listening to your baby gradually begins to distinguish the reasons for his crying. These causes may be different, but one thing unites them: the discomfort that this time feels scarce and he tries as best he can, to tell adults.

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How to raise children. Psychology

Many parents, if not strange, do not understand how to properly raise children. Child psychology is similar to the psychology of adults, and if you do what they themselves forbid their child, he is offended and feels the injustice. In this article I want to write about the most common mistakes made by adults in the process of raising children.

So, what not to do, from the point of view of psychology properly educate children:

Mom, don’t be rude!

For some reason people forgive themselves to harsh words when they are in anger. And even find excuses to your account. But now you’re responsible for the child, so no excuses not already held. You have to control your negative emotions fully and completely, to avoid unpleasant incidents with the child.

Of course, this is not always possible, especially if you’re used to react to all the shouting and harsh words. In this case, you must be ready that will immediately correct their mistakes, even to apologize in front of the child. And for the kid it will be an example of what you need and how exactly to apologize that it’s not a shame, and it is very important that you not take offense.

Dear pipsqueak.

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First lessons appliques for kids.

Often when the word “applique” parents appear to be major

have a preschooler, dunking the brush in the glue and carefully attaching

the various elements of colored paper on an album leaf. Many

parents do not even realize that the lessons applique with children can

to start at the age of 1 year.

What is applique? Translated from the Latin “applique” means

attachment. The meaning of application – overlaying and gluing images on the background. Applique originated a very long time, long before our existence. As a material for application use paper, fabrics of different textures, thread, natural materials.

Classes applique develops your child’s pen, strengthen

fingers, introduce baby to new textures and properties of objects.

From what age you can start to familiarize children with this technique?

This is possible since the year! This does not mean that we must now

to seat one year old baby difficult to glue the applique. Classes, of course

the same is done with regard to his age features and

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