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The interior of the nursery

The creation of the interior a child’s room requires special attention of the designer, creating a project plan and finishes. whether it’s a boy’s room or an interior room girls.

The owners definitely should discuss with the designer the tastes and habits of small tenants, to take account of their interests in the process of creating a kids room design. Because this room was to please them every day, to be convenient for playing games and safe.

A crucial role is played by the environment of the home, the convenience of places to sleep and procedures and with the children growing up the emphasis of the design of children’s rooms is steadily moving in the direction of increasing working areas for study and Hobbies.

In this article:

The interior of the nursery is a special design and content

Baby is always a separate area .

If it’s a room, it should be almost the biggest in the apartment, because children need a lot of space – this allows you to place in a baby everything you need: a sports complex, a small round table with chairs, and in consequence, Desk, bed, shelves, wardrobe, and possibly a sofa, and even a musical instrument. And, of course, a place to play.

If it’s a house, children’s better to take a separate area that can accommodate a bedroom, playroom and children’s bathroom.

The first is to think about soundproofing. at least at the level of planning – children should not be placed next to the parents ‘ bedroom, with a living room, a home cinema to adult life didn’t depend on kids mode and not broken it.

Itself children’s area requires special design and content .

Documenting child, it should be borne in mind that bright solutions walls, for example, drawing on thematic murals bored and losing relevance – kids grow up fast, and every 5 years there is a need to change the interior.

This is not always possible. So the frame of the children’s areas must be calm, rather neutral. Consider whether pink or blue shades, because the family may receive another child of the opposite sex and “podselitsya” in the nursery… Active, bright interior, for example, in children’s bathrooms. There is a valid brilliant combination of tiles, ceramics and textiles. It is necessary to consider how it will look like storage shelves for toys that kids love to swim, baby cosmetics, towels…

On the floor in child’s better to use a batten – it is durable and environmentally friendly.

The same principle applies to textiles. In children’s own carpet. It can be thematic or author, but not too bright. When you consider that the child spends a lot of time on the floor playing, we need to be concerned about the relative “quietness” of the background, because on the carpet and so many bright toys.

Experience suggests that the best decision for children’s areas are Roman or Austrian blinds. reaching to the sill. “Short” comfortable and on the table and frees up space. It is important that the child had free access to all items of furniture, because many children mixed in the space and often change a place of employment.

One of the main objectives in creating the interior of the nursery is the right choice of furniture filling.

It is not only aesthetic and ergonomic characteristics of the furniture, but a set of necessary items that provide comfort.

It should be borne in mind that children continued as such the transitional age of the child. 12-14 years is the limit, children must turn into a room for boys or girls, that is, for almost an adult with other needs.

Considering the same period of life up to 12-14 years, it is necessary to consider many factors. First, the strength and reliability of structures themselves – many children jump, move, open and shut. Furniture should be stable and wooden.

Secondly, stylistically furniture should be coordinated with the interior of the whole house, so it is good if it is stylistically determined.

Thirdly, a set of objects. This is, perhaps, one of the main positions. For example, a child’s bed should initially be large, the best size H. Often next to the child at bedtime is one of the parents. Well, if he can lie down on bed, and not sit hunched over, on a narrow perch or on a chair. Next to the bed should be a bedside table – it is simply necessary when the child is not healthy, (many will remember as a child to the parents bed extending kitchen stool, covered with a cloth, and put on top of a bowl of milk, and nearby lay a thermometer). Also on the nightstand can stand lamp.

When picking furniture for a nursery you need to consider who spends time with the child. For the babysitter or grandma is better to establish a comfortable sofa from one and not several pillows. This sofa will come in handy for the future. It can be used later in the play area, where over time you should see the TV where the child will be able to view your own movie library. The TV should have its own, Autonomous, with the ability to connect to games .

You need to pay attention to the storage systems. This applies to containers for toys, shelves for books, CDs and other items. Work space for the child to choose from, based on height, well, if this furniture is height adjustable legs or desks. Accustoming the baby to the workplace, it would be good to purchase a Desk with sliding drawer with space for writing utensils and Cabinet for papers.

Lighting should be layered. Top – mandatory nightlight – preferably, a Desk lamp and sconces above the bed in the calculation of the child’s reading. Posted sconces at 1,400-cm from the floor – this height is optimal. Comfortable and beautiful, when the wall a retractable, rotating bracket and fabric shade. Read possible sconce or a floor lamp by the sofa.

Organizing a child’s room when a housing shortage

We all want our child had his own room, he would have considered his. Yes and psychologists advise us to do everything that the child had a place where he could at least get away from the rest of the world, feeling secure and complete privacy.

But, unfortunately, the housing problem often does not allow us to do this, and because all that we are able to provide the child a part of the very room in which we ourselves live, or give one room at once two or three children.

But the problem is so essential to any child’s personal space is easy to solve, and for this purpose it is not necessary to change the apartment or divide existing rooms by partitions.

First, decide which part of the room you are willing to sacrifice in the name of their baby, and then, following one of the principles, which you can see on the pictures Italian furniture Tumidei Spa. try to visually separate the highlighted portion from the rest of the room.

It’s enough to make a small ramp (which, by the way, you can then use as a pantry or linen drawers) or to build a cubic structure, in which the child will feel “in the house”, or simply to separate future personal world your kid’s closets or bookshelves.

The options may be many, the main thing — when implementing any of them to observe the rule – you need to build a clear visual border that will decorate “the room” the child from your to without a doubt separated part of the child could be called “his”

And another thing – when making room in the room try to use bright or pastel colors, even if they will not be in harmony with the rest of the design of your apartment. Make it so that they find themselves “at” the child is joy, and this should only allow yourself to take it as a General consultant in the nursery, giving free rein to his imagination and fantasy. Only in this case you give the child what he really needs is his own, let the little but necessary things to him.