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Sleepwalking in children, in adults, sleepwalking treatment, somnambulism, how to treat sleepwalking

What is the somnambulism, sleepwalking in children and adults, sleepwalking? Child sleepwalking, walking in a dream

Somnambulism – is one of the forms of motor disorders during sleep, which is manifested by involuntary walking (wandering) in a dream, followed by amnesia. The term somnambulism comes from the Latin words “somnus”, which means “sleep” and “ambulo”, which means “go, wander”. Synonyms of the word somnambulism are sleepwalking . sleepwalking, sleepwalking . According to publish medical practice of Kurklinik frequency of occurrence of somnambulism in the population is 0.5-1.5% of the population. Somnambulism is celebrated mainly in children and adolescents, with the onset of puberty can progress. In children early childhood (2, 3, 4, 5, 6 years) somnambulism is less common than in older age. Somnambulism is very often associated with nocturnal enuresis and segoviana.

Sleepwalking causes, the causes of somnambulism, sleepwalking

In the event of somnambulism often play the role of a variety of conflict situations – the child’s reaction to a fight, punishment, resentment, fear. Somnambulism may be a manifestation of the General neurosis (neurasthenia, hysteria), psycho-emotional peculiarities of the personality, chronic and acute physical illness, residual celebrazione disorders in perinatal pathology (e.g., perinatal encephalopathy, PEP ), traumatic brain injury, neuroinfections.

Sleepwalking, somnambulism, classification, types, forms

Neuroscientists, neurologists, reflexologists, reflexology, psychiatrists distinguish 2 main types (forms) of somnambulism – neurotic somnambulism and neurosis-like somnambulism. In our practice there were cases of sleepwalking, which occurred without precipitating factors and somatoneurological violations. The mechanism of development of somnambulism closely connected with the peculiarities of the cycle of sleep – Wake. Sleepwalking often occurs on the 3-rd and 4-th stages of the slow phase of sleep and is caused by dysfunction of the ascending systems of the brain.

Signs of lunacy, the symptoms of somnambulism, sleepwalking, sleepwalking

Approximately 1 – 1.5 hours after falling asleep (maybe more) the child sits up in bed, then gets up, dressed, walk around the room, to take any concerted action (to play with dolls, collect the briefcase to school, even leave the house. The movements slightly slowed down but coordinated. Eyes open, eyes glazed and focused. We celebrated clinical cases in which the children during the attack said the words and even gave short answers to questions. To Wake the child, to bring in a sense is usually not possible. During an attack of somnambulism (sleepwalking) children can make a very dangerous operation, for example, to go in the open window, to light the gas in the kitchen. After about 10 – 15 minutes (this time can be up to 50 – 60 minutes) the child is placed in bed and asleep. Sometimes it may go to another place and continue to sleep. Thus by the morning the child has no memories are not stored. Sometimes there may come an awakening. Symptoms of sleepwalking have no certain regularity. They can be repeated almost every night, or to be single during the whole period of childhood.

Somnambulism, sleepwalking, sleepwalking diagnostics

Diagnosis of somnambulism for experts without some difficulties. Sometimes motor automatisms committed in the absence of consciousness and ending amnesia (memory loss), point to their possible Association with epilepsy. The clinic is a publish medical practice Kurklinik was observed the occurrence of epilepsy in children who in the past suffered from somnambulism. Some experts distinguish a separate form of somnambulism – epileptic somnambulism. The patient at night, may develop seizures automatism, which by the somnambulism is irrelevant. In patients with epilepsy may also experience somnambulism.

Treatment of somnambulism in Russia, the treatment of sleepwalking in Saratov, sleepwalking in the clinic Kurklinik in Saratov

The clinic is a publish medical practice in Saratov Kurklinik (Saratov region, Russia) provides treatment of somnambulism, sleepwalking, sleepwalking in children of different ages, adolescents, adults (men and women) .

How to treat somnambulism how to cure sleepwalking, sleepwalking? How to get rid of sleepwalking?

We know how to treat sleepwalking . how to cure somnambulism, how to get rid of sleepwalking! New author treatment has cured hundreds of our patients. Effective treatment using hardware and software functional tests methods allows dobilsa high effektivnosti, gives excellent results. Many years of publish medical practice. publish medical practice of Kurklinik provides treatment of somnambulism in Saratov, treatment of sleepwalking in Saratov, treatment of sleepwalking in Saratov in children, adolescents, adults, men, women.

How to treat sleepwalking in Saratov?

We know how to treat sleepwalking in Saratov . We are often asked: “a history of sleepwalking, what to do?” Answer: “to Go for treatment to a specialist!” At the first consultation we will tell You what is sleepwalking child and adult sleepwalking . what is teenage sleepwalking (teenagers) how to treat the disease sleepwalking, what about this thought Wikipedia, why not help the conspiracies from sleepwalking, combined the army and sleepwalking than dangerous sleepwalking, to watch the video the movie “Prevention of sleepwalking”. You can free online ask question to the doctor.