Continue to communicate with the child.
Author's Preface This book is about the communication of adults with children and to some…

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Children with adults

Children’s world is much different from the world of adults. Despite the fact that they live together, they live completely differently. Parents surprised childlike and activity, children sometimes resent the behavior of parents. Children do not understand why parents, coming home after work, or run around the house, and sit the whole evening in front of the TV, why do parents love to take home a lot of guests and make a large feast? In children, there are still many questions about the behaviour of adults. How did it all correctly and explain to the child we will tell you. All children will soon grow up and become adults, but it is not necessary ahead of time to devote to their adult life. Each state has its own rules for raising children. For example, views differ in Morocco, Kazakhstan, Russia, USA, South Africa. But we should not forget that all children are always watching the behavior of their parents, in which country they would go. Therefore, adults need to think, before something to do or say, because they set an example for their kids.

Here’s what you ought to pay attention. First, your emotions in the presence of children need a little to hold back, regardless of whether negative or positive emotions. Vivid anger, or extraordinary joy parents will be long, but the kids will remember it for a long period of time. Different behavior in a short time the child will start to copy, and will think that all is in order. Yes, a life without emotions, but emotions need to learn to control, especially in the presence of Junior. After a stormy showdown between the parents, the child is difficult to explain, so behave ugly, and everything should be resolved calmly and peacefully, without a bright expression of negative emotions. More calm behavior will be useful both for adults and for their children. Secondly, children often copy not only emotions, but also the habits, the manner of communication of the parents. If parents are very often talking on the phone, the children will do the same thing, and they will not stop the fact that they have their own phone yet. Small will find a way out and instead of the phone will take any toy.

Also the child from an early age should be taught the correct posture. The adult skeleton has already been formed, and the wrong position of the shoulders and back may not cause much harm, but the child’s skeleton is formed, and an incorrect posture can cause curvature of the spine. So back must always be straight. Also wrong sitting position can harm the health of your baby. For example, to sit, crossing her legs, small is not desirable because due to this the blood circulation in the limbs. Also there are many more examples that can be harmful. For example, a loud TV, time-consuming transmission at the computer, things scattered around the apartment, etc. Maybe you feel nothing, and in children from an early age born the beginnings of the problems. What can be concluded? Children imitate their parents 100 percent. The Council therefore adults: Control your behavior and your emotions, so you will be easier to live and work with children in the future.

Fully, of course, will not work to explain to children, but any extremes may suffer the consequences. So when you are sitting at a table, you should not drive the child into another room, but also to give the glass of wine is not worth it. If you have established a trust relationship, the child will understand that the line that cannot be crossed. There are times when a child is afraid or doesn’t like it when he is asked direct questions. So to find out what they think your kid can during the game or interesting conversation. The main thing is always to listen to children, understand them. For that higher education is not necessary, children need only your care and love.

Many elements of adult life are also present in children. For example, sleep. eating, watching TV, etc. In such a case, parents should teach the child to control these actions. There are also items that children should be banned. For example, Smoking, alcohol, party, sex. Children in any case will raise issues and desire to try something than live for adults. Take, for example, Smoking. Every adult knows that Smoking is harmful to health, but despite this he smokes. Hide Smoking from children, because it will be even more interest. As they say “Forbidden fruit is sweet”. But to walk around the apartment with a cigarette is not the best option, because children will think that Smoking should be. If a child asks you a question, you can answer that when he(she) will grow will make the decision to smoke or not to smoke. Drastic measures should be applied only when you really notice that your child has started Smoking. Also a very interesting topic for kids is sex. Sex is a very important aspect in a normal married life. Unfortunately this is a topic that parents least want to talk to kids. Be prepared that the time will come when your baby will become interested in such topics. Of course, to invent tales and legends is not necessary, but to lecture about the anatomy of men and women is not the best way out. You perceive information during the game. Try to talk about sex in a fun way. Better to let the children learn the truth from their parents, what are you going to fill your head with a bunch of useless and incorrect information.

The primary key in the relationship between children and parents is trust and understanding. Don’t forget to communicate more often with your kids and it is best to submit information during the game and you will be easier and the child will understand everything better!