Children and divorce of parents.
let's Start with the fact that divorce is the loss of the relationship. Great stress…

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How to teach your baby to sleep in the crib
In recent years, more parents realizing the benefits of co sleeping with baby, put baby…

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How to teach your baby to sleep in the crib
In recent years, more parents realizing the benefits of co sleeping with baby, put baby…

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Activities and games for kids from one year old to two years

For mom and her baby age from one year old to two years the most difficult. Rattles the child not attracted to, and games to soldiers or to view the cartoons he has not grown. In addition, the baby begins to move independently, all touch, all pulled. And my mom has a problem, than to take a kid to manage his Affairs.

Actually for employee’s kids, there are many exciting activities and entertainment. You can start with such simple, as painting, applique, modeling.

Drawing develops motor skills and forms of color perception. Materials for this lesson, the apartment is always there, it’s and old Wallpaper, sheets of paper, drawing paper, and even tile. Mommy after this lesson, the kid just need to get up, to wash the walls and the baby.

The application can be used as paper, cotton, peas, pasta, cereals and other materials. You should start with simple patterns, a feasible child. Mom performs more complex fragments, and the baby is doing post-installation steps. For example, in documenting the landscape, areas of the sky glue misses Mama, and the baby remains to glue the clouds of cotton wool. And painted the cat toddler can glue the tail of adhesive paper, and an Apple tree to glue the apples. Horns of a lamb and the waves of the sea perfect pasta, and a path to the forest hut sprinkled from cereals to give to the child pleasure.

Play dough kids is not recommended because of their irresistible desire to taste all the flavor. For sculpting perfect dough, home made from equal parts of flour, salt, water and food coloring. If the baby and eat a piece of this “clay”, it is in no way threatened. Jobs baby modeling is necessary to give the simplest, is riding sausage balls. Mom can show your child and more complex forms of modeling.

But one should always remember that the kid should do what he wants and how he wants. At this age the lesson should last no longer than 10 minutes. He can begin to play dress up and make up. if you teach him and if he likes it.

At that age kids start to imitate adults. Develop they have this desire, pay it into an exciting game. Let them pick up their toys in a box, have a small help in the wash. But don’t forget the rule: you it game, the kid makes himself what he wants. Never force your baby, it is better to show an example and set the task for tomorrow.

For eighteen months toddlers the basis of the activities are outdoor games. Learn how to play with them simple exercises or other movements – children will love to follow your every movement.

Remember that you can always come up with for kids of this age a lot of interesting and useful activities.

How to buy a high chair for feeding the baby

When the kid grows up (from 6 months), then there is the idea of buying a high chair in which the child will sit and it will be fed with a spoon. The store is very large and varied selection.

The child and the computer

Child and computertomography and lively child suddenly fell down to the computer and does not depart from him, forgot about school, friends and food, and its quite impossible to pull away from the computer. Well.

How to choose the right nanny to your child.

How to choose the right nanny to your child.Most parents are having difficulties, combining care for the baby and work. Of course, to entrust the child’s grandparents is pretty.

How to encourage your child to learn

First got to school, first-grader is usually already knows how to write, count and even knows some syllables, isn’t it? It does a lot for his age, but he still wants to learn new things, to learn.

Especially raising children in a single-parent family

The main value in any society has always been considered a family consisting of husband-father, mothers and children, parents which woman and man are. These rules were anciently fixed V.

Children’s aggression, causes

Children’s aggression, prichinyaet in kindergarten. Recently, educators complained that he fights in the group. Home was never like this. Do it you kind, considerate. How to be after all.