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Child’s drawing on the family: what does it mean?

Child’s drawing we can be very telling. When children draw, they spill out on paper all the emotions. So I think psychologists. Children’s drawing – it is a reflection of the child’s soul, his feelings.

If you want to know that your kid at heart, ask him to draw pictures of their family. Now You can decipher a child’s drawing, with the recommendations of child psychologists.

Child’s drawing on the family: what does it mean?

First of all, when a child begins to draw, note the sequence in which he paints of each member of the family . When he first drew myself, do not think that you have a growing selfish. On the contrary, it’s even good. Indeed, in the notion of the baby around him and his feelings the whole world revolves. However, if he painted only yourself, then this suggests that the child does not feel like part of your family, and lives in its representation of itself.

If the kid forgot to draw a brother or a sister or drawn schematically . finely unlike the rest of the family means that the child is jealous, feels the competition for love, affection and attention of parents.

Sisters and brothers, that child wants to diminish, usually drawn in the form of small animals .

If the child draws only himself, or, conversely, everyone else except yourself . can talk about selfishness or lack of commonality in your family.

The one that the child considers important in the family, he most often portrays the highest .

Pictured next to the baby member of the family, according to him, most love them. And if the child drew himself away from other family members . so he feels alienated.

When all members of family on a child’s drawing hands . and the kid no, and besides, he has depicted himself disproportionately smaller than the rest, it most likely indicates that the child is suffering from its powerlessness, insignificance in the family.

If all depicted family members are very close to each other . probably the kid strives to unite the family.

The child can draw less than the others . and parents with long arms, big fists, bared teeth . if the family the child is physically punished or oppress him morally. Maybe you’re not behind the curve, but the child is too sensitive and vulnerable, and you need to respect that.

If a baby, who was 5 years old, skips in the pattern part of the face . for example, the eyes or the ears, this indicates serious violations in the field of communication (stiffness, shyness, complexes, speech difficulty).

If the child drew a long legs . it may indicate that he feels the need for independence.

The figures represented without legs . mean that the boy is persistent sense of anxiety and instability.

Whoever the kid is nasty, he might forget to depict the figure . Maybe it is because something offended by that family member.

Child’s drawing, done in black, brown, gray flowers – this is quite a serious symptom. Kids who in the family is good, I prefer bright colors, they draw happy faces, flowers, bows, etc.

And now, dear readers, I offer you video about supper-kids!