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Children and divorce of parents.

let’s Start with the fact that divorce is the loss of the relationship. Great stress have both the divorcing couple and their children.

All the parents in the divorce process are different.

No matter how the divorce went down, “gently” or “violently” suffer the children, but in a different way of showing it. It depends on the age of the child and the degree of closeness to parents.

Very difficult to carry the children situation, when parents begin to sort things out in court with whom the child will live. If it’s a few children, parents often begin to divide children between themselves as things. Father and mother don’t want to understand that children are one.

To soothe my conscience, children ask: “who are they more like your father or your mother?” But the child loves and mom and dad very much, for him they are the closest people, the closest people. It support, it support, that’s life. Separation from one parent, this separation of parts of the soul. It is a deep psychological trauma for life. A child torn between two parents. He wants his loved mom and dad. At such statement of a question whom he loves, who wants to live for him is insufferable anguish. In this approach, the child loses life balance, internal balance, the ground under their feet.

It begins to affect the mental state of the child can be immediately, and therefore not always evident changes a child.

The parents in this case use children as a bargaining chip to meet their needs and their ambitions.

The child perceives it as something that he is very bad, nobody likes him, he did something not as it should have done, as a betrayal. There is a growing sense of loneliness, worthlessness, reduced self-esteem.

The possible occurrence of neurotic ticks. This can be expressed in the form of twitching century eyes, facial muscles, twitching other parts of the body, coughing, etc.

On the background of divorces in children often appears bronchial asthma. Although parents do not always see this connection.

In young children the possible regression. They may lose the skills acquired. Occurs enuresis, tearfulness, night terrors, etc.

If it is a student, then the child may not study well in school. Appears aggression towards others and aggression to himself. In some cases, sadness and depression. The older children sometimes commit suicide action. you may receive an addiction to alcohol or to drugs.

There is a saying “Sunday dad” when dad sees the child only on weekends. If parents parted friends, but marriage is not possible, the child’s relationship with his father for the mother are not painful. Child explain that in life there are situations when people disagree, but regardless of this, both mom and dad continue to love their child. In this case, the child interacts not only with the Pope but also happens in his new family.

If parents parted enemies. Any meeting of the father with the child the mother perceives hostility. In my opinion, the mother has a sense of jealousy. After this meeting all suffer the mother, the child, and the child’s father.

This could be in a bad mood her mother, she gets angry without any reason to your child, speak badly about the father, to limit the meeting with his father, there are cases of hatred for his child, because he is a reminder of a former husband.

The child in turn due to the poor relationship of mother to father, can’t Express their emotions that overwhelm him from meeting with his father. It is no secret that such rare meeting father tries to make a child’s holiday. This is due to the fact that the father misses his child, he has a sense of guilt in front of him. But despite this life between the spouses is no longer possible.

Another version of events when the parents divorce when the father abandons his children. Don’t want to pay child support or to participate in the upbringing of the child.

Sometimes the situation is different. The mother not only loves her former husband, but the child. She’s ready to give it to anyone you want, to satisfy their desires: to travel, to meet friends, build a career, eventually to find himself a new man, etc.

In any case a child suffers, who becomes a hostage of the relationship between the parents.