First lessons appliques for kids.
Often when the word "applique" parents appear to be major have a preschooler, dunking the…

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First lessons appliques for kids.

Often when the word “applique” parents appear to be major

have a preschooler, dunking the brush in the glue and carefully attaching

the various elements of colored paper on an album leaf. Many

parents do not even realize that the lessons applique with children can

to start at the age of 1 year.

What is applique? Translated from the Latin “applique” means

attachment. The meaning of application – overlaying and gluing images on the background. Applique originated a very long time, long before our existence. As a material for application use paper, fabrics of different textures, thread, natural materials.

Classes applique develops your child’s pen, strengthen

fingers, introduce baby to new textures and properties of objects.

From what age you can start to familiarize children with this technique?

This is possible since the year! This does not mean that we must now

to seat one year old baby difficult to glue the applique. Classes, of course

the same is done with regard to his age features and

opportunities. Would be nice if mom and dad pre-read books for parents, which details how to make a joint creative art with a toddler is interesting and useful.

For starters, teach your baby to crush and tear the paper. It’s not as easy as it may seem to an adult. These actions will require little effort. Show how you can crumple a piece of paper, roll of paper funny “gingerbread man”, remember the story about this character.

Tear paper – one of the favorite activities for kids. Sometimes, a child

it is difficult to make a strain, especially if the paper is quite thick.

In this case, you can make it easier and to make a few cuts

with the edge. Pulling the paper in these places, the baby can easily

to break the sheet.

From crumpled or torn paper and we will do the first application. Teach your child to form a crumpled paper in such a way as to make it into a lump. It is important to remember that the kid still can’t really imagine the idea, the finished image, so he will need your help and

support. Draw a cloud and tell the child that now it will go out

snowball. Show how to form out of paper “snowballs”. Ask the child to glue the “snowballs” on a sheet of paper. Of these paper balls can be manufactured with many of the original applications.

For work you can use glue stick or paste. The paste for the application can be cooked. Mix one teaspoon of flour or starch in a small amount of warm water, then pour in the hot water solution, not forgetting to stir. What good is this analog glue, so that the paste is easily washed and washed. Thus, not scary, if he gets into the baby’s mouth or stain his face and handles.

In the future you can use PVA glue. If the paste baby

spread it on the workpiece directly with fingers or sponge, when working with PVA is better to use a brush. For the baby it is important to learn to control

tassel. Teach how to dip the brush in the glue, spread it


For the child the application and you can use a glue stick. Among

various goods for children’s creativity interesting glue stick

for the little ones. When the baby draw the line with this pencil,

paper remains pink trail. The child clearly sees a place that he can stick the workpiece. When the glue dries, the trace of the pencil


Initially, all of the workpiece is cut, the mother herself, but gradually you can trust this business and the baby. Since two years you can teach the child to use for applique scissors. This is perfect for the special baby scissors. They are safe to cut yourself is almost impossible. There are interesting and scissors with scalloped edges, cut the pieces of colored cardboard or paper can have a wavy or zigzag line that looks very nice in the finished work.

It is very important that during creative activities, parents talked with child. However, as with all other games with the child. Buying

the particular baby developmental toy, be prepared to teach

toddler to play with her. Inventing a variety of subjects for applications quickens the process, turning it into a fun and creative game. For example, a mother may cut out from a cardboard Christmas tree and ask your son or daughter to decorate her toys.

Another option is to draw the strings and the balloons (ovals from

colored paper) to propose to stick to the kid. What they think

creative mom. Now, in late summer, for example, is very relevant

harvesting vegetables. You can cut billet cans and cucumbers or

mushrooms and ask your toddler to help you cope with the “canning”.

The kids happily presented are included in thus game.

In the future you can offer your child different kinds of colored paper,

cardboard, velvet paper, tracing paper, foil. Creativity with a variety of

materials for the imagination of the kid, teaching him how to wield a variety of techniques and techniques.

stories. Mothers left to wonder children’s imagination and do not forget to put the creation of a baby in special daddy with children’s works.