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How to raise children. Psychology

Many parents, if not strange, do not understand how to properly raise children. Child psychology is similar to the psychology of adults, and if you do what they themselves forbid their child, he is offended and feels the injustice. In this article I want to write about the most common mistakes made by adults in the process of raising children.

So, what not to do, from the point of view of psychology properly educate children:

Mom, don’t be rude!

For some reason people forgive themselves to harsh words when they are in anger. And even find excuses to your account. But now you’re responsible for the child, so no excuses not already held. You have to control your negative emotions fully and completely, to avoid unpleasant incidents with the child.

Of course, this is not always possible, especially if you’re used to react to all the shouting and harsh words. In this case, you must be ready that will immediately correct their mistakes, even to apologize in front of the child. And for the kid it will be an example of what you need and how exactly to apologize that it’s not a shame, and it is very important that you not take offense.

Dear pipsqueak.

Child, especially if he already reached the age of three, should not only take care of and nurture. The kid already subconsciously wants respect. And you can prove that you admit him as a person.

For example, do not impose to the child their opinion or choice of dress. You allow the child to speak, to determine independently, and to recognize this choice. If the daughter requires to wear a summer dress in winter celebration, just calmly talk sense girl, why is it better to choose warm wool. Respect the views of the child

Very such!

Never insult your child. Don’t hang on him the label of such Newspapers or magazine, Sluts, dunce. Would you like such expressions in his address? Here-here. And the child remembers them. The worst thing is that guys get used to the roles that are ascribed, and actions will be developed “according to the script”.

Or thank you.

Think about it, how many times have you thanked the child for the day. If at least three times, so not all bad. But many parents will only wonder why a two-year period to thank. And unless another family member you didn’t say “thank you” when you gave salt at the table? Correctly said, so how can he be worse? Yes and it is strange that my mom waiting for crumbs from the words of gratitude, and not all of them… Thank baby

Never, under any circumstances, do not swear at the child. So nobody scold when the next baby. He’s like a sponge absorbs and bad, negative words and that black energy that you convey your emotional state. The child takes your example and in the future he can Express his negative attitude (but in children it is often unreasonable and unfair) to others than spoil the attitude to himself and may become an outcast in the end.

Be polite with your baby. Holte and lilace it, but within reason, of course. Treat the child as a friend and comrade rather than try on the role of tyrant and sovereign — the child also has their opinions and he’s a person! Don’t suppress it…