Children with adults
Children's world is much different from the world of adults. Despite the fact that they…

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How to teach your baby to sleep in the crib
In recent years, more parents realizing the benefits of co sleeping with baby, put baby…

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Healthy sleep of a child.
It is well known that during sleep the children grow, the sick get well and…

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Tips for parents when placing a child in day care or school

When making the clinic medical records for admission to kindergarten of a child whose vaccination or not at all, or not all, you may face blackmail: the doctors will refuse to sign the card for kindergarten due to lack of vaccinations.

Naturally, their actions were unlawful, temporary refusal to accept a child in kindergarten can take place only in the case of a declared in this garden of quarantine for a disease that your child has not been vaccinated, but, nevertheless, this is their last chance to force you to be vaccinated, and they will not hesitate to use it. In any case, don’t tell in the clinic, in which kindergarten you go. Then it will be harder to communicate with the nurse and the Manager, “prepared” by a call from the clinic. Write the application addressed to the chief physician from the requirement to issue medical documentation for the garden in two copies, one to leave in the Secretariat of the policlinic, the second one which will remain with you, ask them to sign that they received it. After a few days try to get the documentation. If you again refuse, or send to go to authorities, for example, in the SPP, immunological Commission, etc. (we warn you that to go where you send, does not make sense, as you will be the football indefinitely from one instance Continue reading

How to adopt a child

Here is about the monologue, full of despair, I heard recently from my client: outwardly cute, very intelligent woman, a teacher with thirty years of experience. She came to me for legal help with a question about how to opt out of adoption. Now, listen:

«We both husband and I are teachers. We never had any children. And someone advised us to adopt a child. And we decided to find a child in an orphanage and become foster parents.

Then, 18 years ago, going to a children’s group home, I saw Sasha (the girl’s name I understandably changed). My soul just reached for this three year old little girl, and I completely forgot what I was recommended to look at someone else. Sasha also felt something for his childlike heart. The first day we met she said to all the children in the group that came to her mother and soon she will completely take back.

Its the first word that I heard from her, it ’timocka” which meant “bird”. She said when we walked with her in the Park on weekends, when I took her from the orphanage. I often thought of her before my husband and I adopted her.

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How to raise a child and give love without conditions?

Most of us parents are usually deep down believe that, despite all the errors committed against our children, they will grow up to be good people simply because we truly love them.

This thought soothes and comforts us — we have invented for ourselves a concept and called it “Parental Love”, considering that this is enough. More or less, with achievements and rewards or shouting and punishment — most importantly to Love. Love? Know in fact that love? So everything is OK…

But if it is here lies the main error?

Psychoanalyst Alice Miller once remarked that, — “it’s possible to sincerely and deeply love child – but not the love that he needs” And if it is true — and I think, correct to speak not about, “do we love our children” – and not even about “how we love” HOW we love them.

And when we allow the idea that it is — immediately comes the understanding that love of something can be quite different.

And the most common type of love — the love is due to the behavior of the child — that is, children love “deserve” — by behaving in the way we believe is right or matching our standards. The second type of love is not dependent Continue reading

Children with adults

Children’s world is much different from the world of adults. Despite the fact that they live together, they live completely differently. Parents surprised childlike and activity, children sometimes resent the behavior of parents. Children do not understand why parents, coming home after work, or run around the house, and sit the whole evening in front of the TV, why do parents love to take home a lot of guests and make a large feast? In children, there are still many questions about the behaviour of adults. How did it all correctly and explain to the child we will tell you. All children will soon grow up and become adults, but it is not necessary ahead of time to devote to their adult life. Each state has its own rules for raising children. For example, views differ in Morocco, Kazakhstan, Russia, USA, South Africa. But we should not forget that all children are always watching the behavior of their parents, in which country they would go. Therefore, adults need to think, before something to do or say, because they set an example for their kids.

Here’s what you ought to pay attention. First, your emotions in the presence of children need a little to hold back, regardless of whether negative or positive emotions. Vivid anger, or extraordinary joy parents will be long, but the kids will remember it for a long period of time. Different behavior in a short time the child will start to copy, and will Continue reading

The Child is crying

Now it is often said that to meet the immediate needs of the child need without delay. However, in the beginning when you still don’t know my kid, you can be difficult to decide if he cries from hunger or fatigue. Many children before bedtime are turbulent. Of course, the baby won’t fall asleep, if you’re constantly around him fuss, figuring out what is going on, why he was crying.

Gradually the child learns that crying is a signal to adults that helps you get the help and food. Later the crying is not the same, takes on different colors and shades. The baby cries more than consciously and demanding. But how to understand what they need in a particular case? Maybe the answer to this question you have already received from a doctor or child health nurse. If not, we’ll give you some tips.

If the baby is hungry.

Usually the sensation of hunger the child reports a sudden scream. Sometimes it increases to a frantic scream crying. However, his body pounding and the child holds out a pen in front of him. Often face becomes completely red.

About what you need to do in this case, you already know: while the circadian rhythm of the child has not acquired regularity, feed him immediately; in the future, the need for food is not necessarily must be addressed without delay. Playing with your baby, you could move the feeding time.

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