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Tips for parents when placing a child in day care or school
When making the clinic medical records for admission to kindergarten of a child whose vaccination…

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Tips for parents when placing a child in day care or school

When making the clinic medical records for admission to kindergarten of a child whose vaccination or not at all, or not all, you may face blackmail: the doctors will refuse to sign the card for kindergarten due to lack of vaccinations.

Naturally, their actions were unlawful, temporary refusal to accept a child in kindergarten can take place only in the case of a declared in this garden of quarantine for a disease that your child has not been vaccinated, but, nevertheless, this is their last chance to force you to be vaccinated, and they will not hesitate to use it. In any case, don’t tell in the clinic, in which kindergarten you go. Then it will be harder to communicate with the nurse and the Manager, “prepared” by a call from the clinic. Write the application addressed to the chief physician from the requirement to issue medical documentation for the garden in two copies, one to leave in the Secretariat of the policlinic, the second one which will remain with you, ask them to sign that they received it. After a few days try to get the documentation. If you again refuse, or send to go to authorities, for example, in the SPP, immunological Commission, etc. (we warn you that to go where you send, does not make sense, as you will be the football indefinitely from one instance to another and you only in vain will waste time), write a complaint to the Prosecutor. To the complaint as an example, in which prosecutors will be able to rely in the investigation, you should include the decision of the chief sanitary doctor of Moscow about cancellation of orders for non-admission in kindergartens and schools unvaccinated children. (page 31) the Prosecutor should understand to take action and to notify you in writing within one month, so start the paperwork in the pre-kindergarten, taking into account the possibility of delays.

Due to the shortage of places in kindergartens as early as possible to put the baby to turn. In this case you must request a written certificate setting your child on the waiting list in this garden, for example, a receipt from the head of the kindergarten:

I hereby certify that


(Name of child)

included in the list waiting for a place in a kindergarten № ____ number ______



(signature of the Manager)

Or you can write the application for admission to kindergarten in two copies, give one to the Manager, be requested to sign and put a date and pick it up yourself. When re-registration waiting list to kindergarten again ask it to record it in writing. In any case, don’t even mention about your vaccine refusal. say that all medical documentation you have in order that the child is healthy, etc. When it is your turn and you will come to be in the garden, there, revealing the absence of the child’s vaccinations, will not be able to deny you under the pretext that allegedly in the garden.

If you are refused, calling the official reason is the absence of vaccination, would need to document this in writing right writing in the cards that denied admission because of lack of vaccinations. Then you will be clear evidence of violations of the rights of your child.

If when setting the child on the queue requires to show medical documentation, and due to the lack of vaccinations you refuse, write a statement with the requirement to put a child on the waiting list. Be sure to mention to him about your intentions to complain to the Committee on education and the Prosecutor. It is advisable to go to meetings with officials, together with a relative or friend as a witness and record the conversation on tape.

If you signed polyclinic medical documentation, permitting a visit to the kindergarten, but the nurse or head of the kindergarten refused to accept the child because of his lack of vaccinations, hand them the statement with the requirement to adopt a child, threatening a Complaint to the education Committee, the Prosecutor’s office and the Commissioner for the protection of human rights. Most likely, this will be enough.

If this does not work, try to resolve the issue through a phone call or visit to the district (city, regional) Committee on education. If they can’t go to meet you, write a complaint to the Prosecutor. No need to fear that because of your struggle for the right of children to attend kindergarten without vaccination to him would be a bad attitude from the staff. PRACTICE SHOWS THAT WITH PEOPLE KNOWING THEIR RIGHTS AND ABLE TO DEFEND THEM, AND ONCE AGAIN PREFER TO NOT ENTER CONFLICTS.

Don’t be afraid and negative attitudes towards your unvaccinated child from parents of other children attending the kindergarten.

The fact that your child vaccinations you can keep secret, and the kindergarten staff and physicians may not disclose medical information about your child (or not have the child vaccinated or any disease), for disclosure of such information legislation provides up to criminal liability.

If you do not consider it necessary to hide narawivanija your child, and other children’s parents Express to you any complaints about this, ask them whether they vaccinated their children. If Yes, ask, what are they afraid of, because their children are protected by vaccines. And if they do not believe in the power of vaccines, what they want from you?

In any case, whether your child is in kindergarten without vaccination, you first planted it, but then decided to stop, you need to write a statement on vaccine refusal .

It should be in two copies, one will give you the head or the nurse, the second will ask them to sign a receipt that you have on hand was a document confirming the fact of submission of such application and its receipt by the staff of the kindergarten. Ask also to record the fact of your refusal in the medical record of the child and make sure that it is done.

Remember that an oral waiver may not work, it can just “forget”. Do not believe promises to warn you about vaccination in advance when your child’s vaccination in the absence of vaccine refusal in writing “swing right” you can’t, because it does not prove the fact of his refusal.

If there is a written denial of the child still did a vaccination or Mantoux test. be sure to write a complaint to the Prosecutor, also call or write to the committees on education and health. Such lawlessness must be stopped to connected persons never have any desire to break the law, forcing the children entrusted to them to pay with their health for the achievement of the planned “vaccination coverage”

Making an unvaccinated child to school, it is necessary to proceed by analogy with kindergarten, but here it will be easier, because by law education is compulsory, and as an ally in the struggle against physicians who refuse to sign the documentation for the school, you will be able to use the education Committee. If your child comes to school not in a residence, be sure to write it down there in advance, preferably directly on the first day of registration of future first-graders. Don’t forget to get written confirmation that your child is enrolled in school, then, upon discovering the absence of vaccination, you cannot be denied due to the alleged lack of space. In the event of a failure of the school need to complain to the Committee on education, if this does not work, the Prosecutor’s office, but such a scenario is unlikely, in practice, to arrange an unvaccinated child to school is usually easier than in kindergarten.

Vaccine refusal in the school is issued on the same principles as the failure in kindergarten. It is desirable that a copy has always been in the diary a child, don’t forget to tell the child how he should act, if you start with the vaccination or Mantoux. categorically forbid him to agree to any injections without your knowledge.