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How to teach your baby to sleep in the crib

In recent years, more parents realizing the benefits of co sleeping with baby, put baby to bed with you — this is especially true of babies being breastfed. However, the vast majority of adults relate to this method of organization of sleep as an interim measure, and over time you start to think about when and how to teach your baby to sleep in the crib. Just note that on this issue until there are no universal recommendations: age and strategy “resettlement” toddler to his own bed is determined by too many factors: the child’s temperament and his health status, type of feeding relationships in the family, the Outlook of parents and even their financial abilities. Some children quietly sleeping separately from their parents with 3-4 months, after the cessation of colic, other futile even to begin “relocate” until the age of 2 years; someone process takes 1-2 PM, someone takes several months. In this article, we accumulate the experience of mom, safely and without any nerve cost teach children to sleep in the crib, and some recommendations from the book by Dr. Jay Gordon «help give your baby undisturbed sleep”.

How to understand what the child is ready to sleep separately from their parents

The willingness of the child to sleep in their own beds is determined not by age, but his physical and mental condition. So, you can think about how to teach your baby to sleep in the crib when he:

– Wakes up 1-2 times per night (including feeding). This recommendation is not universal: many moms breastfed kids talk about what their children woke up “suck” 4-5 times a night until almost 2 years old, and stopped detach it just after he started to sleep separately. So if your toddler shows all other signs of being ready to sleep and co-sleeping you are tired, you can try to teach a child to sleep in a separate bed before it ’s night appetites” will subside. It is worth noting that the care of sick children should be performed very carefully and thoroughly.

– Not going through and not crying if awake and does not detect that one of your parents within your visibility.

– On the common bed sleeping quietly, “separate” from their parents (not clinging to one of them).

– The child is healthy, he’s not teething.

– The last time he had no serious stress, he is emotionally stable, he recently went to kindergarten, you don’t begin to teach him to potty and to wean.

Some doctors (William SERS, the same Jay Gordon) the best age to teach a child to sleep in the crib, consider the period between 2.5 and 3 years . Prove they is the fact that approximately between 1.5 and 2 years, many children begin to torment nightmares, and this time they had better “survive” in the parental bed. In addition, the older the child is, the more psychologically independent and it is easier to explain what is required of him. However, in practice, not all parents are able to wait until the child reaches 3 years, and many are beginning the process “resettlement” toddler before. For some parents a viable option on the “transition period” becomes “hybrid” form of the organization of sleep when the baby sleeps in his crib, close up against the parent and with the removed side wall.

How to convince your child to stay within the crib

Ways in which parents teach baby to sleep in her crib, a great many. Someone just shifts the sleeping baby on his bed until the baby gets used to it (it usually comes with children under 9 months of age). Someone buys the child “fancy” bed with tons of features, from which the baby she won’t come out even at night. The main thing in the process of accustoming to the crib of the child over the years – to convince him that leaving the parental bed, he not only loses (comfort, feeling of safety) how many received something far more valuable and necessary. Take the child in for some time will return to you – this is normal and understandable from the point of view of child psychology.

Here are some ways how you can try “lure” in the crib children of different psychological warehouse.

“You’re a big” (for self)

Having mastered a certain number of “adults” skills (walking, ability to handle objects, to speak some words, etc.), many children already feel big and independent. This and parents can use. Tell your child casually that all adults are supposed to sleep in his crib. Stream the idea in his mind regularly, in various forms, and then another, and several visits to a friend who has a separate sleeping children. It is very likely that after a while your baby will require your own sleeping space. If this does not happen, you can try to directly ask him, not whether he wants to, as an adult, to sleep separately from their parents. If the baby is persistently deny that option might not yet.

Install a new interesting ritual of laying (for sociable and curious tots)

If you want to teach a child to sleep in the crib, is to make this process as enjoyable and comfortable for the baby. Help in this interesting “rituals”, which will accompany the laying of the night. So far you have not been in the habit of reading a child a bedtime story? Perhaps now is the time. Lay your baby a new crib and read to him before bed one or two tales (choose those that are of greatest interest). You can listen to before going to sleep to music or compose ourselves tales about his favorite soft toys (which you can then put to bed with the baby) – as long as the child at this time was in his bed. Thus, even if the first time the child will arrive periodically “top up” to you, he will have only positive associations with the crib, and eventually he was “settled” finally there.

Let your child from the crib waiting for something unusual (for dreamers)

If your kid and you have a rich imagination, can try to teach a child to sleep in the crib in the following manner. Think of some exciting story connected with a cot (for example, magic that she and her children have a particularly interesting dream, tell us about what they can be); describe how in childhood you while sleeping in the crib was visited by a fairy or wizard that completely changed your life. Then, under the most favorable circumstances, the baby will get the crib as some “gate” in the world of fairy tales and will himself to meet her with pleasure.

What not to do

– To shame the kid, if the process is too long, to accuse him;

– To begin schooling to the crib when the child does not feel well or have other stressful factors (first visits to the kindergarten, you teach a child to potty, divorced second half, etc.).